Customized services

Inonit offers various services throughout the life of a product. In the start up we provide advice and mapping of opportunities. Further In the process, we contribute to the development of both web solutions and applications of several kinds. After the development process, we are happy to provide support and operation of developed solutions.

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Customized solutions

We build customized solutions for your business. If you have a special need that you do not receive with shelving, we can help you build it. Web applications, mobile applications, backend solutions, integrations, cloud-based infrastructure and much more. Development takes place according to flexible development methodology in close cooperation with you as a customer.

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Skilled consultants

Inonit hires experienced, solution-oriented and creative consultants for your company. Our staff has high expertise in Python, Django, JavaScript, Node.js, React, PostgreSQL, Docker, Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers.

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Free software

We use exclusively free software as the basis for our projects, and have broad knowledge of what is available. With us you get the latest, safest and most forward-looking technology, market standards we use to help you get started quickly.

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