About Inonit

Inonit was started in 2012 with the intention of the following:

  • Building on the values ​​Free Software (Open Source) provides and has
  • offer comprehensive solutions from idea to application and operation.
  • Be a creative IT vendor for our customers and see technology opportunities, not limitations
  • anchor our organizational development in the values ​​that lie in developing and using Free Software
  • have a social awareness and seek business approaches that benefit the company, our customers and our employees
  • have a strong focus on innovation, both towards our customers and internally. Continuously make an assessment of the commercialization of good ideas and concepts, preferably in collaboration with our customer
  • to have great individual freedom and a loose framework for being who you are and where to develop competence

Over the years, Inonit has done a number of different projects in many industries, building and construction, research and teaching, entrepreneurs, IT, health and the public. Fundamental technology is industry-independent, while we must work so closely with customers to bring out the characteristics unique to their organization and framework conditions.

We have worked closely with NAV to bring in people who for various reasons have been out of work for a period or who struggle to get in. To a great extent we have succeeded in this. It is about patience, close cooperation between the parties involved, demystifying the situation and transparency.

Inonit currently works in the following areas - web and mobile development, operations, consulting and business development. We do not develop websites as a primary task, but do so as part of a total delivery. We develop advanced web applications that simplify internal processes or processes where our customer interacts with their customers.

Inonit sees the value of working with technologies that not everyone else is aiming for. In Norway, Java and .net are key technology choices for many. Python is one of the 3 most widely used programming languages ​​globally, but it has not been so in Norway. Interesting prospects in this are that both the University of Bergen and Oslo have recently dropped Java and chosen Python as their primary language in their teaching. If one is to develop web applications, JavaScript is central and natural that we have good expertise. Over the past year we have developed expertise in the direction of Clojure, both on the backend and frontend. Clojure offers some advantages in developing complex solutions. We put all the central infrastructure in the cloud and primarily at AWS, where we are also partners. Also uses some Google Cloud.

Since 2013, Inonit has been the key player to conduct a number of Meetups for the Python environment in Eastern Norway.

For the past two years we have worked closely with Sunnaas Hospital on sensor technology and tracking, we have developed an encrypted solution to communicate between units located around the country and a central infrastructure. This includes an administration system based on the Open Source project Open Wisp . We have developed an SMS Gateway that is offered to our customers and through Primafon. We assist medical offices in supporting their critical infrastructure. We have worked with WebGL and created a building planner for 3D Bolig AS.

Together with the sister company Primafon, which is a full-fledged mobile operator, we offer extended telecommunications products.

When talking to Inonit, it should be about opportunities and not constraints, while at the same time having to be based on budget and realism.

Technology is an opportunity. Technology is change. Technology is also about organizational development. Technology is the opportunity to stand out from your competitors.