Inonit was started in 2012 with the intention of offering comprehensive solutions from idea to application and operation. We want to be a creative IT supplier for our customers and see opportunities in technology, not limitations. This means that we must have a strong focus on utility value and innovation, both for our customers and internally in the company. Constantly evaluate the commercialization of good ideas and concepts.

Over the years, Inonit has done a number of different development and delivery projects in many industries; building and construction, research and teaching, entrepreneurs, IT, entertainment, health and public. Fundamental technology is industry-independent, at the same time as we work closely with customers to bring out the characteristics that are unique for their organization and framework conditions.

Inonit challenges our consultants and our customers to adapt new technology. In Norway, Java and .NET are key technology choices for many. Python is one of the 3 most used programming languages ​​globally, but this has not been the case in Norway. An interesting perspective in this is that both the University of Bergen and Oslo have dropped Java and chosen Python as the primary language in their teaching. If you want to develop web applications, JavaScript is central and natural, something we have good expertise in. We have also built up good expertise with Clojure, both on the backend and frontend. Clojure offers a number of advantages in the development of complex solutions. We put all central infrastructure in the cloud and primarily on AWS, where we are also a partner. We also uses Google Cloud in some cases.

Since 2013, Inonit has been the key player in conducting a number of Meetups for the Python community in Eastern Norway.

Together with the sister company Primafon, which is a full-fledged mobile operator, we offer expanded products in telecommunications.

When talking to Inonit, it should be about opportunities and not limitations, at the same time as it must be based on budget and realism.

"Technology is an opportunity. Technology is changing. Technology is also about organizational development. Technology is an opportunity to stand out from your competitors."