We offer expertise in several areas of development projects.

Consulting & Project Management

Inonit has project managers with experience with large projects and who can assist independently in projects with our customers, or lead major overall projects within development and operations. Inonit recommends the use of flexible frameworks when implementing development and operations-related projects; for example, but not limited to, Scrum, Kanban and Lean.


IT Architecture

IT strategy is about making choices that support the long-term strategies of the organization with the right tools. IT is constantly changing, and it is difficult to have an overview of the technologies, trends and opportunities that exist. You know your business, we know IT. We have consultants who have operated with a number of different types of technologies and who can assist in the assessment and evaluation of alternative solutions.


Development Projects and Web Solutions

Through numerous projects carried out for customers, we have developed a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges that must be dealt with around dissemination and visibility on the web. Our focus is on technology and methodology and we work closely with other leading players in design.


Application Development

Inonit develops solutions that complement our customers' established systems and processes. A tailored application can add missing functionality in existing solutions for ERP, CRM, HR, HSE / Quality, etc. An application development project is typically about simplifying a business process by connecting an existing system to its environment in a better way, usually via the Internet. We have extensive experience in offering solutions with interfaces (APIs) to other systems, so that customers get simple, rational solutions.We help you to see the opportunities and then realize them. Does your company need a tailor-made application? Ask yourself these questions: Do you have processes that require a lot of manual and repetitive work? Do your customers and suppliers have to deal with complex forms and routines? Does the same information have to be registered and/or maintained in several places? Is information stored in many different systems and on many different media?If you are thinking of starting with a generic solution and having it adapted to your needs, we also have consultants with such experience. For example, we have worked with Odoo (www.odoo.com) which is a comprehensive ERP solution with enormous flexibility, which is tailored for our customers, but full integration with adjacent systems for efficient use.


Application management

For customers where we have completed projects for development of applications and web solutions, we can also offer management of the application. That is, to take responsibility for maintenance, changes and adaptations of the application in a production phase.