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Finn Clausen

From January 1, 2019, a new cash system law will be introduced in Norway. This new law means, among other things, that the minimum data must be backed up. Once it's set up now it happens to a memory chip and then it should be manually backed up once a month.


Finn Clausen wants to get a solution where this can happen automatically. Inonit helps develop a solution for this. The solution consists of hardware, mobile broadband and software to manage backup from the systems Finn Clausen runs today. The systems consist of proprietary cash register system with network port and the ability to extract data from a software running on Windows.


The project involves everything from mapping of technology, preparation of solution, further development of solution, maintenance / follow-up and operation.

Technologies used:



Compact Linux deployment developed for network components, primarily routers.


Simple yet fast and modern VPN that uses modern cryptography.


Software platform to implement complete Wi-Fi services.