Marketwell is a startup initiated by a Norwegian entrepreneur with a background from the hairdressing and wellness industry.

Avisbilde Marketwell

Her idea was, and is, to provide employees in a salon with ongoing information about all of the business data "in their pocket" in the form of a mobile app.


In this app, every employee should see their own key performance index values ​​(turnover, timebings, turnover per customer, etc.), you should be able to order goods and products if you see the need, get information about new products , one should be able to enroll in courses, and more.

Kategorier Marketwell

In addition, this becomes a direct and unique communication channel from the suppliers of products to the salons, where they can send relevant and adapted information directly to each employee in the salons.

The solution consists of a mobile app for Android and iOS, and an administration server where you manage users, access, and connections to external (vendors, checkout systems).

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Technologies used:


Amazon Web Services

Amazon.com affiliate offering on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, businesses and governments.


Programming language suitable for most tasks, but popular among others for web and science use. Suitable for fast and dynamic development processes.


Django is a web framework that allows smooth and flexible development.
React Native

React Native

A library for developing applications for specific operating systems. Allows developers to reuse code for applications.


Advanced and highly scalable database, suitable from everything from small to very heavy systems