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Nordic Semiconductor

Nordic Semiconductor is a global provider of technology for combining extremely low battery usage with processors for all kinds of dubbing devices, such as clocks, sensors, PC equipment, game controllers, etc.

They have great success and are growing rapidly. Nordic has thousands of developers worldwide who work with their technology and see the benefit of having a solid platform to communicate with them effectively.

Nordic Semiconductor has therefore developed the forum - Nordic Developer Zone with Q&A functionality. The purpose of switching platforms was to gain new functionality and more control over the solution. The previous solution was based on Joomla and EasyDiscuss.


Inonit As has created a similar solution and blog, based on Django / Python and Askbot. It went live in May 2014.

See the result of the project here .

Technologies used:



Django is a web framework that allows smooth and flexible development..


Programming language suitable for most tasks, but popular among others for web and science use. Suitable for fast and dynamic development processes.


Open-source software used to create questions and answers on Internet forums.