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Sunnaas Hospital - Mobile Movement

"Mobile Movement" is the project name for a solution that allows patients to return home earlier than usual, to continue training at home under "remotely controlled" guidance from healthcare professionals at Sunnaas Hospital.


The solution consists of advanced motion sensors that you put for example on the upper arm and forearm, or thigh and leg, in addition to a mobile app and an online management service.


The patient receives tailor-made exercise programs presented in the app and performs them with sensors on the body. Along the way, the app then provides feedback based on data from the sensors, if the exercises are performed correctly. Once the patient has completed a set of exercises, Sunnaas professionals will be notified of this and details of the workings, and may provide feedback and new exercises that will then be presented to the patient through the app.


The solution gives two important benefits in particular;

  1. the patient can travel home faster from the hospital and to family / local community
  2. patient seats are released faster in the hospital to accommodate new patients

Inonit AS has developed the software in the solution, both the mobile app and the management system.

Read more about the project here .

Technologies used:


Amazon Web Services affiliate offering on-demand cloud computing platforms to individuals, businesses and governments.


Programming language suitable for most tasks, but popular among others for web and science use. Suitable for fast and dynamic development processes.


JavaScript library for user interface development.


Development framework for developing mobile applications without relying on platform specific APIs. PostgreSQL


Advanced and highly scalable database, suitable from everything from small to very heavy systems.