We are a company that wants to focus strongly on Free Software and use this type of technology when it is right.

We offer expertise in the following areas:



With the help of consultants from Inonit, you gain access to specialist expertise in individual areas of architecture, free software and programming.

This can be either consultants who assist in customer projects and do specific tasks in areas that the customer handles, or there may be access to one or more consultants who can take responsibility for developing part or all of the solutions.


Consulting & Project Management

Inonit has project managers who have experience with larger projects and who can assist only in projects with our customers or manage larger total projects within development and operation.

Inonit recommends the use of Flexible frameworks for the implementation of development- and operations-related projects; for example, but not limited to, Scrum, Kanban and Lean.


IT Architecture

IT strategy is about making choices that support the long-term strategies of the organization with the right tools. IT is constantly changing, and it is difficult to keep track of the technologies, trends and opportunities that exist. You know their business, we know IT. We have consultants who have worked with a number of different types of technologies within Free Software and can assist in the evaluation and evaluation of alternative solutions.

Development Projects & Web Solutions


Through a number of projects carried out for clients, we have developed a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges that must be addressed around dissemination and visibility on the web. Our focus is on technology and methodology and we work closely with other leading players on design.



Inonit develops solutions that complement our customers' established systems and processes. A customized application can add lack of functionality to existing solutions for ERP, CRM, HR, HSE / quality, etc. An application development project is typically about simplifying a business process by better connecting an existing system to the environment, usually via the internet .

We help you see the opportunities and then realize them. Does your company need a tailor-made application? Ask yourself these questions: Do you have processes that require a lot of manual and repetitive work? Do your customers and suppliers have to deal with complex forms and routines? Do the same information need to be recorded / maintained in several places? Is information stored in many different places and on many different media?

Support and Operation


All problem solving takes time and goes beyond other tasks for which technical resources are responsible. At the same time, customers, employees and others are often dissatisfied. In such situations, it may make sense to have access to our experts who can solve the problem for you. Look at it as an insurance policy, which you never hope you need, but which is incredibly profitable to have when the problem arises.

Free software offers many opportunities and it allows a business to unfold in a whole world of software development. However, a challenge with free software is professional support and support. There is tremendous development in free software. The fact that the source code is open and accessible makes it more flexible, but also more unpredictable. Inonit can help your company choose the right solutions and, not least, assist you in a development and operational phase.

Inonit has customers in support and operations, and can offer your company flexibility in terms of. response times and opening hours. For most of our development customers, we also supply operation of their solution.

Inonit is partnering with Amazon (AWS).

Application Management

For customers who have developed solutions based on Free software or where we have completed projects for developing applications and web solutions, we can also offer management of the application. That is to take responsibility for maintenance, modifications and adaptations of the application during a production phase.