Support and Operations

All problem solving takes time and goes beyond other tasks for which technical resources are responsible. At the same time, customers, employees and others are often dissatisfied. In such situations, it makes sense to have access to our experts who can provide a solution for your problem. Look at it as an insurance policy, which you hope that you will never need to use, but which is incredibly profitable to have when the problem arises.

Whatever the solution, our consultants will provide professional support and assistance, so that you have stable operations with marginal downtime. There is a tremendous development in the IT industry, and we can contribute to a safe, but at the same time flexible solution, so that you can stay up to date. Inonit can help your company choose the right solutions, and not least we provide you with assistance in a development and operational phase.

Inonit has customers in support and operations, and can offer your company flexibility in terms of response times and opening hours. For most of our development customers, we also deliver the operation of their solution.